Imprinting on music at just the right time.

I’m sure most serious Santana fans wouldn’t even rank these, but I could go back to Inner Secrets and Zebop! from the late 70s early 80s any time and be endlessly happy listening to them. It’s probably just all about imprinting at the right time. I “discovered” these in my alienated and isolated boarding school […]

“Crime is worse now” – perception vs reality

Today this opinion panel piece appeared in the NYTimes, “These Conservative Men Are Making No Apologies” I read the edited transcript and then listened to the full segment later. (And yes, heavily edited. The written version omits gems such as “Biden is a puppet!” and “[I got] yelled at for my mask not covering my […]

Remembering Dr King

I won’t post the more infamous image of the day, with Dr King’s body on the ground. Instead, I prefer to remember him as he was before James Earl Ray murdered him. I’m also in no mood for U2 jokes this year.

A great approach to examining your media diet

Overwhelmed by your news feed? Strategies from a Princeton course can help. Stephens draws on the strategies he discusses with students to offer six tips for remixing your own personal media stream — and weighs in on what it means to be a responsible consumer of media in this moment.

US highways and racial equity

This article in the Seattle Times had me thinking about Robert Caro’s 1974 bio: Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York and the history of populations whose homes and neighborhoods were sacrificed to white “progress.” An overview from NPR: A Brief History Of How Racism Shaped Interstate Highways