Fix for SONOS speaker renaming itself

This is probably my most niche post yet, so mostly it’s here so I can find it once I inevitably forget the answer.

I am a happy SONOS customer, most of the time, and have several of their connected speakers throughout my home. Recently, I reorganized my home office, and opted to move a SONOS soundbar from one room to another. I split up a surround set (I was no longer watching TV in that room), reset the satellites as a stereo pair, and connected the soundbar in the office. With that, I needed to rename it from MBR to Den, which I did easily in the iOS app, as I’ve done before to other sets without issue.

The problem was that the speaker’s name kept reverting to MBR. No matter how many times I’d change it to Den, it would make its way to MBR again very soon.

I’m also a Philips Hue and Apple Siri user, and this is where the solution lay: Yesterday, I happened to need to open the Apple Home app on my phone, which I rarely do (thanks to Siri). In the list of rooms and devices, there was the truculent MBR SONOS bar. On a whim, I renamed it there to Den. Lo and behold, it’s been Den since then. It appears that the Apple HomeKit integration was able to override SONOS’s own settings. For now, I’m just happy to have fixed it.

Later, I’ll probably whine about Apple overreach.